May 27, 2011

Employees without time records? The DOL now has an app for that.

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In its ongoing effort to more aggressively enforce the Fair Labor Standards Act, the U.S. Department of Labor has introduced its first app.  It’s the DOL Timesheet app  which enables employees to use their smart phones to track their hours worked and wages owed.

In some respects, this is nothing new.  Employees have always had the right to keep track of their work hours, and the DOL  also provides printable calendars for tracking time and wages.  The DOL’s app simply provides a new tool that will make it even easier for an employee to do so.

It is an employer’s responsibility to keep records of the hours worked by its employees.  If those records are not kept, then in the event of a dispute over wages owed, overtime or any other time-keeping issue, the DOL’s new app may provide just the evidence the employee or the DOL needs to prove their case.

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