September 7, 2010

DOL targets health care & other industries in FLSA enforcement campaign

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As a part of its stepped up efforts to enforce the Fair Labor Standards Act, the Department of Labor has taken aim at certain industries.  The health care industry now appears to be one of the DOL’s targets.

In a recent article published in the Workplace Law Bulletin, the Society for Human Resource Management noted that when common FLSA issues permeate an industry, the DOL will target that industry with its enforcement efforts.  In the health care industry, for example, SHRM listed the following common violations:

  • Meal period violations;
  • Rounding time in the employer’s favor;
  • Failing to pay for pre-shift/post-shift time;
  • Mistakes about what is “off the clock” time;
  • Travel time errors;
  • Failure to aggregate work hours;
  • Employee/independent contractor misclassifications;
  • Exempt/non-exempt employee misclassifications.

As a result, some DOL Wage and Hour Division district offices have started local initiatives targeting health care employers.  These initiatives have been costly for non-compliant employers.  For example, the DOL  reported earlier this year that $2.2 million in back wages was awarded to health care workers in New York, while over $2 million was awarded late last year to their colleagues in Connecticut and Rhode Island.

The health care industry is not alone.  SHRM reports that other low-wage industries, such as agriculture, day care, restaurants, garment manufacturing, hotels and motels, janitorial, and temporary help have also been targeted.    Given the DOL’s March, 2010 administrative interpretation that most mortgage loan officers are not exempt from the FLSA’s overtime standards, it appears that the financial services industry is also in the department’s sights.

Although certain industries may be DOL targets, all employers must be aware of what the FLSA requires, for violations can lead to not only DOL enforcement, but also private lawsuits brought by employees or classes of employees.  For these reasons, employment policy development and review, education, training,  and proper record keeping are musts for all employers.

The SHRM article, “Health Care Industry Targeted in FLSA Enforcement,” can be found at

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