June 14, 2013

Fox outfoxed by interns

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I’ve previously written about the challenges associated with hiring interns. Generally speaking, except in limited circumstances, interns must be paid at least minimum wage under the Fair Labor Standards Act. That means that unpaid (or barely paid) internships may violate the FLSA.

As reported by The New York Times, Fox Searchlight Pictures is learning this the hard way via a lesson from a New York federal judge who has ruled that the movie maker violated the FLSA by failing to pay two interns who worked on the film, Black Swan. The same judge also ruled that a group of interns from various divisions of Fox Entertainment Group may proceed with their class action FLSA lawsuit.

What you need to know: Unless an internship program fits within narrow exceptions under the FLSA, interns will be subject to the minimum wage and overtime requirements of the FLSA.

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