March 19, 2012

Dharun Ravi Guilty in Tyler Clementi Cyber-bullying Case

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A jury has found Dharun Ravi guilty of 15 criminal charges stemming from the cyber-bullying of his Rutgers University roommate, Tyler Clementi. Ravi was charged with the crimes after he used a webcam to spy on Clementi and another man having sex in their dorm room. Shortly thereafter, Clementi committed suicide.  For more details on the underlying incident, see my October, 2010 post, Tyler Clementi Suicide: Lessons for HR – and for Us All.

Ravi was not charged with any crimes directly related to Clementi’s death, but he was charged with and found guilty of a number of crimes, ranging from invasion of privacy to lying to investigators and witness and evidence tampering.  For more information on the verdict itself, see NY Times article, Jury Finds Spying in Rutgers Dorm Was a Hate Crime.

What you need to know:  Although the case does not directly relate to the workplace, it does have employment law implications.  For example, many states, including Minnesota, recognize invasion of privacy as a legal claim. Therefore, it is entirely conceivable that such claims could be brought against an employer that allows its computers to be used for cyber-bullying.  Many states, including Minnesota, also allow claims to be brought against employers which negligently retain or fail to supervise employees who harm others; if the harm stems from cyber-bullying via a workplace computer, it is not too difficult to envision a negligence claim against the employer who allowed it to happen.  To reduce this risk, employers should adopt workplace technology / social media policies which prohibit the use of the company’s computer resources to commit cyber-bullying.

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