February 8, 2012

Love … it’s a burning thing

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“Love. It’s a burning thing
And it makes a fiery ring.
Bound by wild desire,
I fell into a ring of fire.”

Johnny Cash, Ring of Fire

Valentine’s Day is next week.  At the risk of seeming to shoot Cupid out of the sky, I think that makes it a good time to consider the consequences of office romance.

Consensual relationships which are, or have the potential of becoming intimate, sexual or romantic in nature sometimes develop between employees. Because such relationships may make other employees and those involved in the relationship uncomfortable, they can increase an employer’s risk of liability for sexual harassment and other claims.

What you need to know:  Yes, love truly is a burning thing.  But, if an employer does not properly handle office romances, it is the company that can get burned. Therefore, employers should discourage those relationships, particularly those between a supervisor and subordinate and those in which differences in age, background, or other characteristics of the two individuals compromise the ability of either one to make an informed decision about participating in the relationship.  Employers should also adopt policies which clearly describe their employees’ obligations, rights and options when workplace romance ignites … or burns out.

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