November 30, 2011

Your voice is needed!

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It’s sometimes said that laws and sausage are two things we should never see being made. And one thing’s for sure — if the ingredients going into either of them are bad, the finished product can be sickening.

When it comes to lawmaking, the only way our legislators get the right ingredients is if we speak up and let them know what’s on our minds.  The Minnesota Legislature is gearing up for another session which will start in late January, 2012, so now is the perfect time to tell them what we want.

I currently chair the Legislative Committee of the Alexandria Lakes Area Chamber of Commerce, and we need your input.  If you have human resources issues that you would like to see addressed in St. Paul, let me know, and our committee will try to incorporate them into the position statements we will submit to our legislators and Governor Dayton before the session starts.  If you would like to contribute, your input is needed before December 31. Also, if you would like to serve on the committee, contact me for more details.

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  1. Excellent post! Thank you for sharing with us.

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