June 1, 2011

Seagate III – the saga continues

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Chandramouli Vaidyanathan’s lawsuit against Seagate Technologies continues to wind its way through the court system – at even greater cost to Seagate.  First, a jury awarded Vaidyanathan nearly $2 million after they determined that Seagate had misled him about the job they hired him to do (see  Bloomington-based Seagate Hit with $1.9m Verdict for Misrepresenting Job to Recruit).

After the jury’s award, both sides brought various post-trial motions.  The presiding judge, the Hon. Donovan Frank, upheld the jury’s verdict, and he awarded Vaidyanathan another $517,352.50 for attorney’s fees and court costs (see Seagate’s Liability to Duped Recruit Jumps to $2.4 Million).

After that award, Vaidyanathan brought another motion seeking an additional $97,655.00 in attorney’s fees incurred after the judgment was entered and through the previous post trial motions.  Judge Frank has now granted Vaidyanathan’s request, but he reduced the fee award to $63,733.75 after finding that the fees sought were “excessive in light of the tasks accomplished.”

Stay tuned.  Seagate IV may just be an appeal waiting to be filed.

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  1. […] As you may recall, Vaidyanathan was awarded $1.9 million in damages and another half million in attorney’s fees after a Minnesota jury found that his former employer, Bloomington-based Seagate US, LLC, misrepresented the job for which he was recruited. For more details on the case, see my previous articles, Bloomington-based Seagate Hit with $1.9m Verdict for Misrepresenting Job to Recruit, Seagate’s Liability to Duped Recruit Jumps to $2.4 Million, and Seagate III – the Saga Continues. […]

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