May 17, 2011

Same sex harassment costs contractor $451K

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A federal jury has awarded $451,000.00 to a male ironworker who was the victim of male-on-male sexual harassment.

The case was filed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission on behalf of Kerry Woods who alleged that his supervisor at Boh Brothers Construction Co., LLC harassed and taunted him.  According to the EEOC, the supervisor engaged in verbal abuse, made taunting gestures of a sexual nature and exposed himself. The EEOC also presented evidence that the supervisor harassed Woods “because he thought he was feminine and did not conform to the supervisor’s gender stereotypes of a typical ‘rough ironworker.'”

The EEOC also claimed that Boh Bros. retaliated against Woods after he reported the harassment.  The evidence indicated that Woods was transferred to another location, paid less, and then “laid off.”

Another important aspect of this case was the company’s failure to adopt a sexual harassment policy.  Boh Bros. had no policy defining or specifically prohibiting sexual harassment, and the harassing supervisor testified that prior to the lawsuit, he had never received sexual harassment training.  “The jury’s verdict signals to employers the importance of having robust sexual harassment policies and training in place, including in predominantly male workplaces,” said EEOC General Counsel P. David Lopez.

Another EEOC attorney, Jim Sacher, noted how “This case demonstrates the failure of this company to prevent and properly respond to a serious matter for the construction industry: male-on-male sexual harassment by a supervisor and under isolated working conditions.”

For additional details of the Boh Bros. lawsuit, see EEOC Obtains $451,000 Jury Verdict Against Boh Brothers Construction Co. For Male-On-male Sexual Harassment,  For information on related cases, see Ellen DeGeneres & Gender Stereotyping under Title VII, and Tomboy Firing Costs Company $50K,

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