August 24, 2010

New MN health insurance law raises co-pay questions

Posted in Benefits, Health Insurance tagged , , , at 8:32 am by Tom Jacobson

Some Minnesota employers and employees have questioned the impact of a new state statute that addresses how co-pays and deductibles are handled by health care providers.  The new statute, which went into effect on August 1, says that health plan companies cannot prohibit providers from collecting deductibles and co-pays from patients at or prior to the time of service.

Although this new law may seem to allow the denial of service to patients who cannot or will not pay their deductible or co-pay on the spot, the law also protects patients.  This is because the law specifically says that providers may not withhold service to a health plan enrollee based on a patient’s failure to pay a deductible or coinsurance at or prior to the time of service.

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